Tie Downs and Guide Post Upgrades

Tie Downs and Guide Post Upgrades

Performance Boats = Performance Boats
Pontoon Boats = Pontoon Boats
Tow Boats/Ski Boats = Tow Boats/Ski Boats
Runabout Boats = Runabout Boats

Part NumberDescriptionAvailable On
176773Stainless steel ratchet tie downsPerformance BoatsPontoon BoatsTow Boats/Ski BoatsRunabout Boats
173007Drive guard for single enginePerformance Boats
173008Drive guard cage TRIANGLE with aluminumPerformance Boats
Drive guard cage TRIANGLE with perforated steel - no logoPerformance Boats
Drive guard cage 2-piece TRIANGLE with perforated steelPerformance Boats
173009Drive guard cage RECTANGULAR with aluminumPerformance Boats
Drive guard cage RECTANGULAR with perforated metalPerformance Boats
Drive guard that swings for V-bottom boatsPerformance BoatsRunabout Boats
170912Polished stainless steel guide postPerformance BoatsTow Boats/Ski BoatsRunabout Boats
170913Guide post upgradePerformance BoatsRunabout Boats
170914Prop guard rollers ZINCPerformance BoatsTow Boats/Ski BoatsRunabout Boats

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