All Upgrades

All Upgrades


  • 15" LED lighting provides brighter output
  • Available in two styles: Red and Clear/White with Reflector
  • Flush mounted with stainless steel hardware for sleek, seamless tube integration
  • Extends the main rail of the trailer’s rear end to allow for larger lighting
  • Allows for large, upgraded step applications
  • LED lighting provides brighter illumination than standard marker lighting
  • Grommet mounted with optional stainless steel flush mounting
  • LED lighting provides brighter illumination than standard tail lighting
  • Grommet mounted
  • Adds LED Backup Lighting to the boat trailer
  • Mount style determined by trailer type
  • ~1" clear/white LED diode
  • Grommet mounted
  • Positioned on top of cross members
  • Provides lighting guidance when loading the boat onto the trailer

Steps & Fenders

  • Upgrade to four (4) large steps to allow for 15" LED lighting
  • Available in two styles: Red and Clear/White
  • 304 grade, fully polished stainless steel
  • Rust preventative
  • Available in several sizes and styles:
    • 9" Tandem (9x66), 9" Triple, 11" Tandem (11x66), 11" Triple (11x102)*, 12" Triple (12x106)*
    • Low Profile: 10" Tandem (10x66), 9" Triple, 10" Triple (10x90), 10" Triple (10x102)*

*Option is only available on performance boat trailers

  • Aluminum diamond plating for added traction and paint protection
  • Optional power coat black wrinkle finish
  • Machined aluminum with integrated rubber inserts
  • Superior traction for step surfaces
  • Clear anodized coating protects and maintains polished appearance
  • Options vary based on boat type:
    • Four (4) Small – Available on performance, pontoon and runabout boat trailers
    • Four (4) Large – Available on performance and pontoon boat trailers
    • Combo of Two (2) Small & Two (2) Large – Available on tow/ski boat trailers
  • 45-degree cut of the rear step to assist boaters climbing on the back of the boat
  • Provides assistance with loading and/or unloading of the boat from the trailer

Wheels & Tires

  • Discreet alternative to traditional side mount spare tire carrier
  • Customizable to fit large diameter tires
  • Easy access top mounted spare tire carrier

*Option is only available on performance boat trailers

  • Provides a wider, sportier appearance of the boat trailer
  • Available in a variety of tire size options
  • Available in chrome and black

Axles, Brakes & Steel

  • Recommended for use on mountainous and/or hilly terrain
  • Provides added safety when towing larger, heavier boats
  • Smaller boat trailers (up to 6,000-lb GVWR) are usually equipped with only one braking axle, and in some states, a second braking axle is required by law
  • Triple Axle with Idler Only
    • Add a non-braking axle to the trailer
  • Triple Axle with Additional Brakes
    • Add a third braking axle to the trailer

*Option is only available on performance boat trailers

Galvanized Steel Tubing

  • Upgrade to galvanized steel to protect and prolong the trailer’s main frame from corrosion and/or rust due to saltwater exposure
  • Painting included, up to 23 feet
  • Coated on both the inside and outside of the steel frame
  • Protects against rust and corrosion
  • Axle(s) and fenders also hot dipped galvanized
  • Available in 2"x4", 2"x5", 2"x6" and 2"x8"* frame sizes
  • Optional frame painting
  • Upgrade the trailer’s steel frame to a larger size
    • Upgrade from 4" to 5" or from 5" to 6"
    • Non-galvanized upgrade from 6" to 8"
    • For performance boat trailers only: galvanized upgrade from 6" to 8"

Patented Pivit Hitch™

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